Turbosol: a brand that means guaranteed quality in thousands of sites throughout the world. 

Turbosol’s machines have become a reliable safe working partners, or even more, a reliable landmark. A new essential standard of excellence. International success of this level is not gained by chance; it is the result of a company philosophy based on maximum specialization.

Each department, from research and development to sales, from production to customer service, is committed to work in total synergy, because there is just one aim: produce cutting edge machinery at the top of their performance levels. The strength of its ideas lies in its innovative spirit. Only continuous updating and constant attention to technological development, allows new ideas to become a reality, this is why Turbosol never stands still.

Perfect working tools: the most productive and strongest on the market. Turbosol also has another strong point: customer service. Anywhere at any time our widespread expert sales network is ready to act, to give rapid solution to the customer, working together with you to find the right one for your problem, continuous assistance that only a leader like Turbosol can guarantee.

Turbosol vanguard models are made to guarantee the best results in every jobsite. The types of machines we supply are: pumps for common and special mortars, screeding machines, plastering machines, concrete and shotcrete machines.

In 2012, Turbosol Produzione Spa has expanded its worldwide direct operations, Turbosol Mortar Machinery (Shanghai) Trading Co. Ltd. was set up and it is instrumental in supporting the parent company in the implementation of its global expansion activities. The company leader in mortar spraying and screed pumping, is strategic in selling Turbosol brand and quality.

The mission of Turbosol Mortar Machinery (Shanghai) Trading Co. Ltd. is to give technical support and training on call to the chinese market. A specialised sales force from the project engineers, to the production operators, to the sales force, the constant aim is to develop a synergy of skills to guarantee the best possible result. Special emphasis on training in technical support and marketing to distributors had led them to have a full understanding of the business thus creating a winning parthership.